It’s been 2 years since we started working on “ff_ourdiary”. For the past 2 years, although it’s been pretty slow, each one of us has written in this “open shared journal”  about what we think about things throughout life.

To begin with, what made us do this? We can’t ignore that The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11 in 2011 is one of the main reasons. What this event made us aware of in our life afterwards was that the essentials–food, clothing, and housing–are the important elements that make our lives better. Even while fearing something we cannot see and listening to what experts say, we eat, wear, and make a living whatever happens. Small yet everyday choices and their continuity build us, and build ourselves “society.”

Sustainability, Sustainable society. SDGs. In a time where more measures are being taken to care for the earth and the environment, we feel even more strongly than before the importance of transmitting “ff_ourdiary” from Fukushima. Having experienced the earthquake of 2011, we keenly realize the preciousness of food, clothing, and housing, and the happiness of “living ordinarily.” There’ll be things which those realizations make us be able to discover, consider, and change for the better.
This ff_ourdiary is a media to record the “present Fukushima” and keep on writing to share. 

The name “ff (fufu)” is meant to evoke both the beauty of the people of Fukushima and the musical term “fortissimo.” In order to make a sound reverberate, one needs not only strength but flexibility. This name is perfect for the people of Fukushima, who have shown the strength and flexibility to stand against adversity and continue to face forward.

“Strong, flexible, and beautiful.”

We want to leave behind a future that will continue to shine brightly for even more than 100 years.
Why don’t we take each step towards this goal together?

June 5th, 2022
『ff_私たちの交換日記』 エディター 佐藤美郷/Editor Misato Sato
For our beautiful and eternal anchor, Erika Mizuno.